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  Dalian Fluid Coupling Co., Ltd. is a fluid coupling the production of three-year-old hydraulic coupling of the main backbone enterprises. In the introduction, digestion and absorption of fluid couplings, Germany VOITH company based on proprietary technology, variable speed, constant filling fluid and the device has become even more standard series line of products, annual output of nearly ten thousand units, selling products in the coal , Petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, textile and other industries.
  Enterprises through the ISO9001-2000 quality system certification and the China Quality Inspection Association (CAQI) institutional capacity of enterprises approved quality inspection. Business for 10 years, was named "the contract, the word"," AAA grade enterprise. " Over the years, the number of economic indicators has always been among the best in the industry.
A variety of products were liquid tight and China State Economic and Trade Association as "National Key New Product","best new product ", while production of the product is the quality of Shenyang City Management Association as a "customer satisfaction with products", YOX200 -1150 fluid coupling are identified by the ministry.
  Company has an experienced staff and with more than a dozen universities and research institutes in close cooperation for the production of high quality hydraulic coupling constant filling fluid couplings and first applied to heavy terms of large inertia loads Laid a solid foundation.
  In addition to standard products, our company can also design and manufacture of special requirements of users constant filling fluid couplings, welcomed the consultation and ordering.