Dalian Fluid Coupling Co., Ltd is a leading fluid coupling manufacturer in China which has been manufacturing various series of hydrodynamic fluid couplings including variable speed fluid coupling and constant filling fluid coupling for more than 40 years.
Since the early days of establishment, Dalian Fluid Coupling Co., Ltd absorbed the technology of Germany VOITH company and then steadily developed its own full series of products which covers all the types and sizes with global quality and reasonable price.
Our fluid couplings are used in drives for conveyor systems such as belt conveyors, bucket elevators and chain conveyors. In heavy industry our couplings are used for applications such as blade wheel drives, crushers, roller presses, mixers, fans, boiler feed pumps, etc.
For past 40 years, Dalian Fluid Coupling Co., Ltd has served and satisfied customers in thousands of factories, projects in both China and abroad. The annual output is nearly ten thousand units which covers almost all famous companies in the Coal , Petroleum, Chemical, Mining, Metallurgy, Machinery manufacturing, Textile and other industries in China.
Besides, our products have also successfully come onto the international markets such as India ,Malaysia, Indonesia,Vietnam,Thailand,Dubai,etc.
Dalian Fluid Coupling Co.,Ltd has the certification of ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System.
And our staffs have been working in the field of fluid coupling for over 40 years. We also have new technical staffs who worked in Mitsubishi Heavy Industry and have a strong connection and cooperation with top level research laboratory in the department of mechanical engineering.
In addition to standard products, Dalian Fluid Coupling Co.,Ltd can also design and manufacture fluid couplings according to the special requirements from users.



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